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Laurie Reuther, Property Manager - AR Management Company

2018-19 Maintenance Fee Information: 

Maintenance Fees: A: $344 B: $383, C: $406 D: $426 + sewer fee $48
Late Fee: $20 after the 10th
Please include coupon with payment.
Send Payment to:
Smartstreet ( community Name)
PO Box 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348-5007

A Special Assessment Mailing has been sent out to all owners.

Insurance Information:
Brown & Brown
Certificate of Insurance Requests: - top left corner click box "Certificate of Insurance" click here.
 **Certificates Only** - -Any claims must be processed through management.

 Be reminded all owners must have a badge to go to the pool. Contact Management during regular hours 10-4 Monday-Thursday, or 9-2 on Friday.  Forms should be completed and badges will be mailed.  Please allow 7 business days.

Garbage/Recycling Schedule:
Garbage is collected on Mondays and Thursdays. Garbage should be placed in strong black plastic bags and put out by 8 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Do not put out the night before or use thin bags because this will attract bears, other animals and crows who will rip open the bags and spread the garbage around. Residents are responsible for cleaning up any mess created.
Recycling is collected on Fridays. Recycling items are picked up early in the morning and should be put out the night before. Recycling is a "Single Stream" Community everything can be placed in one container. (bottles, cans, etc). Paper and cardboard should be tied so they cannot get loose and blow around. A recycling schedule can be found on the documents page of the website.

Sewer System Alarms:
The sewer system was designed with alarms in case the system malfunctions. Each sewer tank has TWO pumps the second pump takes over if the first pump fails.
The first alarm you may see will be a red flashing light on the control at the end of each building. The flashing red lights are NOT an emergency. It generally means that there may be a problem with a pump-remember there is a back up pump. If YOU see a red light, please let A&R Midstate Management, LLC know at 973-398-6609 and tell them the address where the lights are flashing.The second alarm is an audible alarm. It sounds somewhat like the beeping of a smoke alarm. This alarm indicates that there is a more serious problem. If YOU hear the audible alarm you should contact A&R Midstate Management, LLC at the above number during normal working hours. After
hours calls should be made to the Emergency number at 973-398-6257. If the alarm sounds please be sure to go out to the box, touch the "hand" so the alarm will silence. When we have lost power, make judicious use of the sewers until power is restored. A vendor will be dispatched to turn off the alarm and to investigate the problem. The vendor should respond to the call from A&R Midstate Management, LLC within two hours - depending on the time of day or night. Owners can speak with Laurie for instructions on silencing the alarm after 11PM. A vendor may not reach the site until the morning. While we are now connected to the sewers, please use discretion in what you flush into them.


All exterior Alterations, Changes or Modifications require approval from the Association. If you would like to make any exterior changes, please submit a Modification Request Form to management outlining your request for the proposed change, addition or improvement. You should include all pertinent information, the more the better. Please be sure to include a certificate of insurance for the vendor performing the work with the Association named on the certificate. Please also include any and all required permits. After receiving your request, Management will present your materials to the appropriate committee and Board for review. You will then be advised of their approval or denial.
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 Recycling 2014/pg1 

This web site is a service of A & R Midstate Management LLC.